Online Services

     Check Reordering

If you would like to reorder Harland Checks click the link below.  Please note that you can only order Harland Checks if there are no changes being made to the checks.  To reorder Deluxe checks please visit their website.

Community Club member checks are not available online.  If you need additional Community Club checks please contact us at one of our six locations.  Click here for a list of our locations.

Additional charges maybe applied for changes, new products or services.


    Online Bill Pay

If you would like to pay your bills electronically, bill paying services are now available. Logon to Online Banking today, to take advantage of this new free service. Not registered for online banking yet? Stop by to sign up today.

     Financial Education

The JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy determined that the average student who graduates from high school lacks basic skills in the management of personal financial affairs. Many are unable to balance a checkbook and most simply have no insight into the basic survival principles involved with earning, spending, saving and investing.

      Investment Education

For nearly five decades, millions of long-term growth-oriented investors have come to recognize rational exuberance when we see it. It doesn't matter whether the bear is scowling or the bull is on a rampage. Anybody can do this. Good companies. Good prices. Discover leadership growth companies. Invest regularly and experience strategic long-term investing.  Check out

Note:  Apple River State Bank and First Community Bank provides this information as a courtesy for our customers and any questions about these sites or their services should be directed to the respective company.