Savings Accounts


Deposit services are usually taken for granted in this age of banking competition. We believe, however, that this product is at the core of banking and meeting customer needs. We pride ourselves on accurate service, competitive rates, and personal attention to your account.

Savings Accounts at Apple River State Bank help to ensure a secure future for you and your family. When you regularly save even a small amount, you create a “nest egg” that can grow to thousands of dollars over the years. We believe that small savers should receive a competitive interest rate also, so our Savings Account pays a very attractive interest rate. There is no minimum balance required to earn interest.

Basic Savings

  • No minimum balance or opening balance required
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Earns interest

Money Market and Premium Money Accounts

Market Accounts – The Premium Money Market account earns bonus interest rates according to your balance; the larger the balance, the higher the rate earned.

  • No fee when a minimum balance of $2,500 is maintained
  • Immediate access to your funds at any time
  • Limited check writing privileges and a detailed monthly statement provide versatility
  • Safety and peace of mind of FDIC Insurance

Christmas Club Savings Account

Our Christmas Club Savings Account is a great way to save for the holidays!

  • No minimum balance or opening balance required
  • No monthly maintenance fee; $20.00 early withdrawal fee
  • Earns interest
  • Balance is disbursed in October by check

Please call for additional savings account details.

IRA Accounts

We offer IRA's that may have various tax benefits for customers. The range of investments available for your IRA are very comprehensive and flexible for every age, investment objective and risk tolerance.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer a wide range of terms on our Certificates, and all pay highly competitive rates of interest. Interest can be paid by adding it back onto the certificate, transferred to another account or paid by check.

Direct Deposit

We offer automatic transfer of funds at no additional charge.

ATM and Debit Cards

Although we offer free checking, many customers appreciate the convenience of using their VISA Check Card to pay for purchases. The amount is taken directly from your Checking Account and reflected on your Checking Account statement. We also offer the traditional ATM card that allows you to get cash at hundreds of locations nationwide.

Lockbox and Night Depository

We offer a selection of Safety Deposit boxes for storing your valuables, and conveniently located Night Depository for after-hours banking.