QuickChange™ Self-Service Coin Deposit Center


The average U.S. household has $99 in spare change in a drawer, jar or piggybank. And in more than half of all households that’s where it stays.


  • Because consumers can find it difficult to turn coins into “real” money.
  • Many financial institutions require customers to roll their own coin.
  • And those who will count coin often send the message that they prefer not to.

QuickChange™ gives users the freedom to process coin at their convenience. An intuitive on-screen display guides the user through the easy transaction steps, making it a fun experience for both adults and children.

Once the transaction is complete, a printed, customizable receipt is taken to the teller window to deposit into a new or existing account, giving children an early education on saving for the future, or convert into cash.


It's as easy as 123...

  • Select your language.
  • Pour coin into the coin tray.
  • Take receipt to a teller to deposit into your account or redeem for cash.

Stop in today and see how fun and easy it is to turn your spare change into cash!

Our QuickChange™ machines are located in our Galena and Warren offices.

Coin Counter Image